A look back at 30 years of composer Nobuo Uematsu's killer soundtracks.

The greatest musical moments in Final Fantasy

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You can't celebrate the music of legendary composer Nobuo Uematsu without mentioning at least one of his impossibly catchy chocobo themes. This upbeat melody heralds the arrival of the titular yellow-feathered birds. 

Electric de Chocobo (Final Fantasy 7)

This dramatic orchestral piece first plays as a fleet of SeeD assault boats approaches Dollet Beach, perhaps FF8's most thrilling, cinematic moment. One of Uematsu's most exciting compositions. 

The Landing (Final Fantasy 8)

The highlight of what Uematsu reportedly considers his best score. This hugely atmospheric piece plays at several points, most prominently while exploring the world map. 

Terra's Theme (Final Fantasy 6)

This piece is a reprise of the game's main theme, Melodies of Life. It's accompanied by a reverb-laden, arpeggiated synth loop that pans slowly from left to right, creating a wonderful sense of motion. 

Over the Hill (Final Fantasy 9)

Often considered Uematsu's masterpiece, this swirling orchestral epic plays during FF7's last boss battle. Nobuo says he wanted to combine "the musical styles of Russian composer Igor Stravinsky and Jimi Hendrix", which is a hell of a fusion. 

One-Winged Angel (Final Fantasy 7)

According to Uematsu, Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi gave him just 30 minutes to compose a last-minute opening theme for the original 1987 game. This is the result. Not bad for half an hour's work, huh?

Prelude (Various)

A lilting piana solo that defines the wider soundtrack. Originally written by Uematsu for a flautist, the song was chosen by director Motomu Toriyama to accompany FF10's sombre intro. 

(Final Fantasy 10)

This theme perfectly captures the drama, romance, and melancholy of Cloud's quest. A dark, downbeat intro sets the scene, then swells into the uplifting heart of the piece, with triumphant timpani rolls and a rousing synth brass section.

Main Theme
(Final Fantasy 7)

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