The classic sim is reaching new heights thanks to incredible tech

6 reasons to play Microsoft Flight Simulator

Thanks to Bing Maps satellite data, you can fly to every corner of the globe. Cruise past Iceland's Jökulsárlón glacier or jet over Mount Fuji in Japan—the aviation options are near limitless.

1. Fly almost anywhere in the world

While sim enthusiasts can play with the likes of Honeycomb Aeronautical's expensive Yoke and Switch Panel, Flight Sim is also perfectly playable on an Xbox One pad. First time flyers are welcome.

2. It's not just for hardcore flight sim fans

Clicking a precise spot on the in-game 3D globe then spawning there after a short loading sequence is exhilarating. Whether you want to jet to your home or one of the game's 37,000 airports, you could lose months to Flight Sim.

3. You can cruise over your own house

The game uses real world weather data to create its storms. Who knew flying in torrential rain would be so terrifying? Thanks to the 600km draw distance, you can spot storm clouds a mile off.

4. A beautiful (and brutal) weather system

Microsoft Flight Simulator will launch with 20 officially licensed planes. These aircraft will be available to all players, ranging from the huge Boeing 747-8 to the tiny Zlin Savage Cub.

5. There are a huge variety of planes

Soooo many dials. Developer Asobo Studio has gone to pains to fill the in-game cockpits with high fidelity analog instruments. Even the touchscreens are simulated and fully interactive.

6. The amazing cockpits are fully functional

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