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The Best Fortnite Creative Codes

All the custom maps and game modes you'll ever need.

By: Adam Brough

By: James Davenport & Scott Duwe

Here's our top five...

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Fury Racing: Snowy Summit

Code: 1731-2660-6859

Race through the snow, collecting coins while avoiding obstacles on a bumpy route. Think of it like Fortnite and Trials rolled into one chaotic race course. 

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The Ultimate Warm-up Course

This obstacle course is the perfect training ground for new and experienced players alike. Shoot, build, and edit your way to a new personal record.

Code: 5618-2963-5299

Zone Wars to the Future

Code: 2080-7366-8235

A narrow arena and fast storm forces combatants from one end to the other, shooting and building in a desperate bid for the top spot. 

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Dramatic interpretation of a PC Gamer editor trying to make their own map in Fortnite Creative

Snipers vs. Runners

Runners move through a tricky obstacle course while snipers try to pick them off. One of the earliest creative islands and still one of the best. 

Code: 7352-4203-8482

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Dead by Fortlight

It's Dead by Daylight's asymmetrical monster vs. campers competition, remade in Creative mode. A dense, spooky map makes it a great alternative to the real deal. 

Code: 8099-5981-3796

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