A curated selection of our favorite free games to try out right now. 

The best free PC games in 2021

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A massive sports betting simulation with a horror twist. Enjoy a sly virtual bet while watching the odd umpire get sucked into a Hellmouth.


A short walking sim "about the end of humanity," set on a sequence of wooden towers jutting up into the clouds. Simple, but thoughtful and pretty. 

Cloud Climber

A throwback to classic LucasArts point-and-click adventures with a great sense of humor. Solve a murder mystery aboard a train and marvel at the pixel art and chuckle-worthy writing while you do. 

Loco Motive

A competitive solitaire game for up to six players. What's a Nert? We have no idea. We just know this is horribly addictive.

NERTS! Online

More an educational experience about games than a game itself, the digital museum is still a neat interactive exploration of lockpicking minigames. 

Museum of Mechanics: Lockpicking

A text adventure in your browser where the characters and story are determined in real-time by you and an AI. Things can go really off the rails, creating some silly, utterly nonsensical situations. 

AI Dungeon

This is just a demo, but a surprisingly fun one that gives you a sandbox and powerful painting tools. If you're feeling stir crazy at home, channel that desire to repaint the house with this sim, first. 

SuchArt: Creative Space

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