From bustling city streets to a weird alien ocean, these are the virtual worlds every PC gamer needs to explore.

The most spectacular game worlds on PC

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With its rugged European expanses, The Witcher 3 is stunning to behold. From deep boreal forests and the dramatic, mist-shrouded mountains of Skellige, to the rolling vineyards of Toussaint, every location feels wild, organic, and alive. 

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

With its mix of strange magic, Victorian imperialism, and whale oil-powered steampunk, the rat-infested city of Dunwall is an incredibly unique setting. 


Los Santos is a staggeringly detailed urban sprawl. Leave the city limits behind to discover a vast stretch of countryside dominated by the silhouette of Mt. Chiliad, where, from the peak, you can see the skyscrapers of downtown LS. 

Grand Theft Auto 5

No, really. This big rig sim might not have the lavish production values of GTA 5, but in the dead of night its deserts are beautifully atmospheric. There's something compelling about all those quiet, loney stretches of road. 

American Truck Simulator

In this vivid ocean you'll find fields of dancing kelp, caves illuminated by fluorescent fungi, and bubbling thermal vents. It's a diverse, vibrant setting that feels truly alien. The deeper you go, the deeper the mystery becomes. 


This slice of rural Britain is one of the most lavish, well-observed settings on PC. The sleepy villages of Shropshire provide an unsettling backdrop for the game's somber sci-fi storyline. 

Everybody's Gone to the Rapture

United Front's vision of contemporary Hong Kong is a beautifully constructed thing, with neon advertising signs reflecting in puddles, crowded markets, and food stalls you can almost smell. 

Sleeping Dogs

Rapture is deeply strange in its mix of sci-fi otherworldliness and art deco. It's one of the strongest instances of fiction and setting working together in the history of games. This journey under the sea is soaked with history and purpose. 


From the muted streets of City 17 to the zombie-infested Ravenholm, Valve's visual storytelling remains unparalleled. Despite the dated engine, Half-Life 2's world still holds the power to dazzle.

Half-Life 2

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