A selection of great games that you can enjoy on the Deck right now.

6 perfect Steam Deck games

Monster Hunter Rise

Originally on Switch, Rise can be a portable game on the Deck once again, but with an average framerate much closer to 60 than 20.

Stardew Valley 

An ideal "second screen" game to spend hours in, and you can pick up your farm from where you left off on PC. (Verified).


Runs better on Steam Deck than the Switch, and you probably haven't maxed out every weapon aspect yet. (Verified).

Portal 2

A Valve classic that doesn't demand twitchy FPS skills. Test chambers are ideal for short play sessions. (Verified).

Yakuza 0

A big, meaty adventure that can run at 60 fps on the Deck. Karaoke here, there, and everywhere. (Verified).#

Astalon: Tears of the Earth

An underappreciated Metroidvania with an NES aesthetic, and one of our favorite games of 2021.

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