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The least popular gaming petitions

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Hey, look! Here's someone who likes Games for Windows Live. So much so, this petitioner wants it added to GTA 5, mainly because he likes chatting with his chums who are playing on consoles. A colossal 25 people agree. 


Despite there already being plenty of things to eat in Minecraft, and despite pancakes having already been modded into the game years ago, this petition still calls for pancakes in Minecraft. A staggering 50 people have signed on. 

Demanding pancakes with the power of exclams

Howrse is a free browser-based game where you breed and manage horses. As online games do, it's changed a lot over the years, something that has clearly enraged Howrse Lover and the ten people who have signed their cause. 

Don't fiddle with our fillies

We've heard of fighting fire with fire, but fighting petitions with petitions? Six people agree that petitions to port Xbox exclusives to PC are stupid, and have signed a petition to stop those petitions. Clearly the snake has scoffed its tail. 

Sign this petition to stop petitions

Breaking Bad and Lego doesn't seem as natural a fit as, say, peanut butter and chocolate. Still, there are roughly 70,000 Lego games, so it's easy to imagine a BB one being greenlit. When it is, the 35 folk who signed this will be delighted. 

Brick-based Walter White? Sign us up

This petition directed at Nick by his pal George requests, nay, demands that he stop reading stupid books and play Dota instead. At time of writing, a whole 24 (presumbably book-burning) individuals agree with George. 

Books are dumb, come and play games

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