Our guide breaks down how to get the most from its loot boxes, unlock hidden features, and more

6 essential Genshin Impact tips

While Genshin's open world is great fun, don't forget the story. The campaign is worth your time, and certain items—like the handy wind glider—are locked until you complete specific missions.

1. Focus on the story

Wishes are Genshin's loot boxes. Some are seaonsal, others are always the same. Only open them in groups of at least 10; that way you're guaranteed a four-star weapon or character. 

2. Only use your Wishes in groups of 10

It's easy to get locked into the habit of fighting as just one character. Don't. Swapping heroes lets you combine different elemental effects to deal greater damage to enemies. 

3. Swap your characters often

Genshin's NPCs serve more of a purpose than most RPGs. A lot of characters have secret quests you can complete, or items to sell. At the very least, most NPCs can give you clues about nearby secrets. 

4. Talk to every NPC

Resin recharges once a day, but don't let it just sit there, as once it caps out you'll stop generating more. Burn through your Resin quickly, safe in the knowledge it will recharge over the next 24 hours. 

5. Spend all your Resin as you get it

Laying down pins is a useful way of marking locations you might have to revisit. Stuck on a tricky puzzle? Stick down a marker and come back later. You can place up to 99 pins, so use them. 

6. Use the map to mark everything

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