Dominate the monsters of Midgard with these handy hints.

6 must-know God of War tips

1. Take the time to explore Midgard

Instead of blasting through the story in one go, explore every side path and room thoroughly to uncover God of War's secrets. There are chests, ravens, and gear hidden everywhere. 

2. Learn to parry early on

Learning to parry will save your hide. Just as an enemy is about to strike, click the block button to parry. When fighting Draugr, watch for the yellow flash mid-swing—that's your cue.

3. Don't forget to hurl your axe

Another fun mechanic to master is the axe throw, which you can use to kill enemies and solve puzzles. It allows you to keep your distance while boomeranging your axe around.

4. Choose the right runes for the occasion

You should change runes before every big fight: some are naturally more advantageous than others in certain situations. Some will stagger or stun enemies, whereas others will do AoE damage or grant bursts of health.

5. Use the bestiary to find out enemy weaknesses

Having a read of the bestiary after battles is a good way to know which runes or weapons are effective against enemies. That way, fights are more likely to end in your favour. 

6. Smash!

Watch out for fake walls and other breakable things. Obliterate them with your axe to find secrets, health, and treasure.

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