Where will we go? Who will we be? Will there still be flying car mods?

6 things we want from Grand Theft Auto 6

GTA Online... but it's good

GTA Online and its awkward menus have always been a bit of a hot mess. GTA 6 offers Rockstar a chance to build an online mode with better systems and structures that can support an evolving and expanding world.

A strong female protagonist

Having a prominent woman is pretty baseline at this point, even for big developers moving at Rockstar's pace. We want a kickass, flawed-but-awesome female lead.

Let's leave America behind

We've gotten our fill of off-brand takes on NYC. Even if there's only a 1% chance Rockstar sets GTA 6 outside of the US, we'd still love to see the series go overseas. GTA Paris, anyone?

More apartment customization

GTA Online doesn't give players much control over the themes/decor of properties you can buy. We want to be able to fiddle and fuss with our online apartments in GTA 6.

Actual mod support

Rockstar tolerates mods (Take-Two, not so much) but tolerance isn't the same thing as true support. The GTA modding community deserves official support when the next game launches on PC.

Let us be a corrupt cop

Playing a corrupt cop could be a brilliant twist. Fiction overflows with juicy references points, from The Shield to Line of Duty, so make it happen, Rockstar.

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