Great free PC games you can download today

The best free PC games in 2020

Here are eight of the best...

1. Fortnite

This battle royale sensation throws 100 players onto an island and shrinks the playable area until one individual or team is left standing.

2. Canabalt

The father of the endless runner is still a lunchtime-swallowing treat. An addictive browser game with an instantly hummable soundtrack.

3. Hearthstone

Once this fiendishly moreish card game gets its hooks in you, your free time is toast. Daunting at first but incredibly hard to put down. 

4. Wolfenstein 3D

A golden oldie first-person shooter from 1992 that still packs punchy Nazi-slaying firefights. It's pleasingly slick for a browser game.

5. StarCraft

It might be getting a little long in the intergalactic tooth, but this iconic strategy game is still worth a look. Download it on 

6. Bombergrounds: Battle Royale

Bomberman, but free... with cat/fish thingies. Its electrically paced, ultra chaotic 25-player battles are a blast.

7. Path of Exile

The best free action RPG around; one that delivers winning Diablo-style hack-and-slash in spades. It's constantly being updated too. 

In the mood for one last, slightly out there entry?

8. Haunted PS1 Demo Disc 

A creepy and nostalgic collection of low-poly horror games that tips its thoroughly weird hat to early era Resident Evil and Silent Hill.

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