The leak confirmed character names, the game's location, and a rough idea of the timeframe.

GTA 6 leak: What we learned

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GTA 6's playable characters are called Lucia and Jason

The leak appears to confirm there are two lead characters in GTA 6, including the series' first playable female protagonist. They're named Lucia and Jason, with players taking control of the latter during a diner robbery. That's not them above, it's just art from GTA Online.

GTA 6 is set in Vice City

This longtime rumor looks like it's finally been confirmed. One of the leaked clips shows a light rail car with "Vice City Metro" painted on the side.

But it isn't set in the '80s or '90s

Several clips from the leak show pedestrians holding smart phones, with one talking a selfie. Seeing as the first smartphones didn't pop up until the early 2000s, this surely nixes an '80s or '90s setting.

GTA 6 may have new stealth systems

In one short clip we see a character on the ground in the prone position. And they don't just lie there, they begin to crawl. In GTA 5, you can't go prone at all.

But we have no clue how big its map is

Aside from leaked footage of generic city streets and a few building interiors, we have no idea how big GTA 6's map will be. Will its Florida-inspired setting mean we'll get vast everglades to explore?

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