More flying cars, more laser guns, more fun–how GTA 5 multiplayer could be better in the sequel.

What we want from GTA 6 Online

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Log into any GTAO server, and you'll see players in flying DeLoreans, plowing through traffic in war rigs, or mowing folk down on Tron-style bikes. The more ludicrous vehicles the next interation of GTA Online has, the better it will be. 

More wacky vehicles

Despite continuing work from Rockstar, hackers are still common in GTAO. To avoid dealing with players flying around in indestructible stretch limos, GTA 6 Online needs better anti-cheat software. 

Better cheat detection

Heists have been the most consistently enjoyable activity in GTA Online. In the next iteration, they need to be an even more crucial centrepiece team activity, acting as the raids of GTA. 

More heists

The current Interaction menu wasn't designed to support as many features as it's being made to, and it's creaking under the weight. The next GTAO needs a new, less cluttered interface. 

A better interaction menu

GTA is always going to have characters who are hateful pricks, but do they need to jam up our phones so much? In GTA 6, we'd like to see its online modes have fewer calls and more emails. 

Fewer phone calls

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