Here's how to easily generate cash in Rockstar's multiplayer mode

How to make money in GTA Online

Swell your Los Santos coffers with the most financially rewarding activities in GTA Online...

These complex robberies can net you serious cash, providing you have a high-end apartment to plan them from. The Pacific Standard Heist on Hard mode is a great earner, though you'll need competent teammates to finish it.


Potential Profit: $400k per hour

While it's not the most lucrative earner, running a nightclub can be a lot of fun. Control everything from the DJs to booze supplies as your joint earns you cash by the hour. You can pick your earnings up from the safe in the office.


Potential Profit: $40k per hour

Start an organisation as a VIP or CEO from the SecuroSev option in the interaction menu to take on these free roam jobs. You'll earn cash quickly as you play Headhunter and Hostile Takeover missions.

VIP Work

Potential Profit: $150k per hour

These high-end races appear as golden stunt markers on the map and can earn you $100k if you finish first. They're a gamble though, as you have to cough up $20k just to enter.

Premium Races

Potential Profit: $80k per race

Found in the interaction menu, you can net $25k per day by finishing these three (usually simple) tasks. Persistent players can really rake it in, as completing Daily Objectives for seven consecutive days comes with a $100k bonus.

Daily Objectives

Potential Profit: $1.6 mil per 28 days

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