The most killer hijinks from GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas.

GTA remasters: 6 moments we can't wait to relive

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Flying the Dodo

We have hazy memories of GTA 3's propeller plane being a chore to fly. Thankfully, the internet has since taught us how to fly it indefinitely, even over buildings. We can't wait to get back in that rickety craft.

The game: GTA 3

Climbing into the Rhino 

We love VC's tank. It's a near-unstoppable beast that rolls over cars and fights off SWAT teams with ease. Plus you can fire it backwards to gain a speed boost, which is very silly.

The game: GTA: Vice City

Recreating the T2 chase

The best parts of GTA are often lifted from movies—like San Adreas' "Just Business" mission. With a chase through flood control channels, this pursuit is pure Terminator 2. We're itching to get back on that bike with Big Smoke. 

The game: GTA: San Andreas

Becoming a business mogul

Buying property after hours of playing Tommy Vercetti as a penniless schmuck makes you feel like you own the city—letting you smuggle, steal or counterfeit for your own benefit.

The game: GTA: Vice City

Assaulting a train with a jetpack

CJ being handed a jetpack so that he can raid a train in order to steal "green goo" is a wonderfully silly moment. What is the goo? That's not the point. The point is you've got a jetpack.

The game: GTA: San Andreas

Rolling the ambulance 

GTA 3's ambulance minigames were stupidly tough. Take any corner too tightly and the ambo was guaranteed to roll... then explode. We're interested to see if Rockstar stays true to the challenge of these missions. 

The game: GTA 3

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