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The best Half-Life 2 singleplayer mods

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A deviously clever, reactive adventure that second-guesses your every move. The branching story rewards curiosity, imagination, and encourages you to defy its wonderful narrator at every turn.   

The Stanley Parable

Adam Foster's Minerva comes close to the quality of Valve's official Episodes—so much so, Valve eventually hired Foster. This hefty campaign is highly polished.   

Minerva: Metastasis

A mod that does away with offensive weapons, leaving you with just a couple of secondary tools and Half-Life 2's iconic gravity gun. Tight puzzles are the order of the day in this brain-scratching quest.   

Research and Development

An uncanny representation of Konami's legendary horror game that matches its color palatte and borrows its sound effects to create a lonely, sinister atmosphere. You won't even care it doesn't feature any combat.

Silent Hill: Alchemilla

A puzzle-based adventure starring a mermaid. Yes, a mermaid. While you're initially limited to the waters of a fantasy city, this clever mod soon finds a way to get you exploring terra firma. 


Well, we couldn't ignore Black Mesa, could we? This exhaustive fan-made remake recreates the first Half-Life in its sequel's shinier engine, reworking the campaign and adding new voice acting.   

Black Mesa


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