For new and lapsed players alike, here's a crash course on Halo's unique combat.

 9 must-know Halo Infinite multiplayer tips

1.Learn the shoot-melee combo

Melee is best used in conjunction with your gun. It's a tried-and-true Halo strategy to whittle an enemy's shield down to near-zero with bullets, then finish them off with a single strike. 

2. Headshots don't matter until shields are down

A shot to a shielded head does no more damage than a shot to a shielded leg, so don't make fights harder for yourself by exclusively going for critical hits. The one exception? The S7 Sniper Rifle is always a one-shot-kill to the head, shield or no shield.

3. Crouch to disappear on radar (motion tracker)

Every Spartan has a motion tracker that periodically pings enemies. If you crouch you'll disappear from the radar—handy for sneaking up on objectives and cheeky melee kills. 

4. Use the AI scan to find power weapons

Mapped to Z by default, your personal AI can scan the area around you to conveniently mark available power weapons, vehicles, or power-ups. 

5. Use equipment for a quick getaway

The Grappleshot is definitely the most flexible way to get around, but don't sleep on the Repulsor, which basically gives you a makeshift double jump if you aim it at the ground. 

6. Stick with a buddy or two

Solo players don't survive in Halo for long. You're unlikely to win a 1v2 fight without a plasma grenade-shaped miracle, so it's crucial to have a friend nearby to join in the crossfire. 

7. If you're driving, don't stop

Want to be a useful driver? Take a lap around the map on a main road, and only slow down if your gunner is shooting at someone and needs to finish the kill. Then speed back up and get the heck out of there!

8. Honk twice to tell teammates your ride has open seats

Halo Infinite's lowkey best feature is a new notification that tells the team your vehicle has open seats when you honk twice. Get honking, Spartan. 

9. There's a ping now, and you should use it

The new ping defaults to X, and it's really useful for pinpointing the exact location of weapons and enemies if you want to help your teammates. 

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