Get in, Spartan, we're going to capture the flag.

Halo Infinite multiplayer modes explained

A quick explainer on Halo Infinite's multiplayer modes

While you can choose most mutliplayer modes directly, some modes, like Stronghold, only randomly appear in playlists. Mode types are split between Arena and Big Team Battle. Arena allows for up to eight players while Big Team Battle is built for 24. 


A 12-minute match where two teams of four must compete to defeat 50 enemies. In the Big Team Battle version, the player count is 24 and the kill limit is 100 to accomodate the much larger maps. 

Capture the Flag

An up-to-12-minute match where you need to capture the opposing team's flag while also protecting your own. 


Two teams must compete to capture three zones around the map. Once one team scores 200 points, the match is over. 


Two teams of four work together to keep hold of the skull until either team reaches 100 points. It lasts for two rounds and remember, you can bash foes with said skull. Just don't drop it! 


Plays like Slayer except you spawn with two random weapons. Weapon racks are empty and the only pickups you can make are scavenging from fallen players or swapping loadouts with teammates.

Total Control

A 12v12 match that sees you battling over control points. Once a team has control of all three areas at the same time, they'll score a point and new zones will appear elsewhere. The first team to score three points wins. 


This 15-minute match has two teams of 12 collecting Power Seeds and depositing them back at their base. Once you've deposited five Power Seeds you'll score a point, and the first team to score three points wins. 

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