From robot arms to armed robots, here's what you need to know about Infinite's free-to-play online mode.

7 things you might have missed in the Halo Infinite multiplayer footage

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Traditional team colors have been given the boot. Instead, you can use whatever color scheme you want, with enemy players marked out in bold red outlines so you always know who to shoot. 

1. Team colors are gone 

Infinite returns to Halo 3 and Reach-era suit designs—thick 'n' chunky armor that makes you feel like a walking human tank. We definitely won't miss Halo 5's almost anime-esque designs.

2. Goodbye, Gundam Halo

There seems to be countless options for customization. Helmets, kneepads, and visor colors can all be tinkered with, while there's even the option to give your Spartan robotic arms and legs. 

3. Even prosthetic limbs are deeply customizable...

Despite all these options, personalized coloring is gone. Instead, we have "Coatings", a set of predefined skins that apply to any armor combination. 

4. ... but individual colors are out

Halo's take on iron sights is back, though it appears to have been toned down. In Halo 5, using Smart-Link while jumping let you briefly hover, but in Infinite it appears to act as a simple 1.4x zoom. 

5. Halo 5's aim-down-sight "Smart-link" returns

Introduced as part of the game's training grounds, you can heavily customize Infinite's bots. Everything from their numbers and team to weapon loadout, equipment and difficulty can be tweaked.

6. The training bots aren't messing around

Halo's in-game Forge map editor returns, as does the Theatre replay mode. The last two Halo games leaned heavily on Forge, and the returning editor should let fan-made maps shine once again. 

7. Forge and Theatre are back

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