Let's give these games a hand.

The best hand animations in first-person games

This sci-fi adventure has some fantastic hand animations as your explorer picks up and uses certain objects. It's also got something we've never seen in a game before: sign language. Extremely cool. 


Is it weird to admit we're really into Gordon's thick HEV suit gloves? The animation where the mute scientist holds a Snark in one hand, and tries to pet it with the other, is so satisfying. 


DoomGuy's hands are incredibly expressive when he picks up keys and accesses computers. He also has a softer side, as you can see in the tender fist-bump he gives his favorite toy. Awwww.

Doom (2016)

There's no way we could put this digit-admiring list together and omit DICE's freerunner. Watching Faith's hands clambering over rooftops or smacking down security guards never gets old. 

Mirror's Edge

Acquiring an Heirloom in Apex Legends is no easy feat, but if you're into swankily animated hand animations, these rare drops offer one hell of a treat. Above you can see Lifeline and Bloodhound checking out their prizes in great detail. 

Apex Legends

Grabbing floating oxygen bottles might not make for much of a game, but Adr1ft's animations are great. Watching your fingertips wiggling in anticipation tickles us more than it should. 


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