Including a stylish shooter on roller skates, a relaxing puzzle game about trains, and a ridiculous pixel adventure.

5 hidden gems you may have missed in 2022

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Not for Broadcast

This FMV TV studio sim is far more silly and slapstick than serious, though it does satirize issues like wealth, political parties, the police, and even the pandemic.

Kardboard Kings

There's romance, humor, intrigue, and the day-to-day bustle of managing customers and your shop's appeal in this card game that's kinda about cards, but also not.


Roll7 (maker of the OlliOlli series) have built a slick, stylish, fast-paced action game where combat feels almost like a dance and the goons trying to kill you are your partners.


Sometimes you just want to kick back, relax, and help some adorable little trains get where they're going. Railbound really is the most chill puzzle game.

McPixel 3

An adventure filled with odd levels, each presenting you with a silly situation to solve. Maybe you're in a train headed for a cliff, or you're stuck in a burning house, or you're a dinosaur moments before a massive meteor strikes the Earth.

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