Looking at the finest missions from the World of Assassination trilogy.

The best modern Hitman levels ranked

Two targets, lots of options, great locations, and some absurdly satisfying death scenes. Not only can 47 mash a target into paste using a giant grape presser, he even gets to do a celebratory waltz with handler Diana. A slam dunk. 

6. Mendoza

Game: Hitman 3

Our introduction to Hitman's World of Assassination is still one Agent 47's  greatest levels. The grand mansion is a remarkable piece of level design, with its James Bond-inspired aesthetic going on to define this trilogy's stylish hits. 

5. Paris

Game: Hitman

A warehouse rave on the outskirts of Berlin is an inspired idea. Being able to pick any five targets from a pool of ten also turns Berlin into a big ol' murder pick-and-mix. This level tests your stealth skills more than any other in the trilogy. 

4. Berlin

Game: Hitman 3

A lovely place to visit, get a nip-tuck, and obviously, do some murders. There are lots of killer moments. Death by yoga. Death by puffer fish. Death by throwing a replacement heart into a bin. An excellent level that unfurls in satisfying style. 

3. Hokkaido

Game: Hitman

Modern Hitman's most famous level. An entire town, just to kill a couple of jerks in their fancy mansion? What a massive flex. Such is the scale of this seaside resort, Sapienza is the most fiercely replayable level in the trilogy. 

2. Sapienza

Game: Hitman

Miami is a perfect playground of murder. We love how it's built around the race—you're not just infiltrating a place, but a specific moment in time. If you don't love whacking targets in that mascot costume, there's something deeply wrong with you.

1. Miami

Game: Hitman 2

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