Hitting men with 47's most bizarre tools of destruction. 

The weirdest weapons in Hitman 3

Sneak into the Deposit Room at the start of the level, then pick the deposit box to earn this hefty melee weapon. It's pleasingly ironic to knock out the rich and famous with a big lump of gold. 

Gold Bar

Mission: Dubai

Ah, the banana. Trusted friend to the prankster and one of your five a day. There's a banana hidden in one of the lockers in the little room next to the staff area on Level 0 of the house. There's nothing like fruit-based fury. 


Mission: Dartmoor

Easily the best hidden weapon in the game. You can dig up the Battle Axe from a wooded area to the southeast of the club if you find a shovel. Its head-splitting attack animation is horrifying. 

Battle Axe

Mission: Berlin

You can find this fiendish little toy in the Arcade on Level 0 of Hush's apartment building. Whack a scientist over the head with it to complete the 'Think! Tank!' challenge. 

Toy tank

Mission: Chongqing

You'll find this rootin' tootin' bust in the southern stairwell of Hush's lair, on Level 1. If you use it to pacify Sister Lai (the scientist running the lab on Level 3), you'll unlock the 'Lei Me to Sleep' feat.

Cowboy Bust

Mission: Chongqing

While Mendoza isn't overflowing with odd weapons, it has a treasure trove of antique weaponry. Find them in the Villa Actic on Level 6, which you can reach by pulling down a ladder in the bathroom below. Happy stabbing! 

Jarl's Pirate Saber

Mission: Mendoza

Hitman 3's final level isn't packed with interesting toys, bar one oddity hidden near the start. Get the Lab Supply Key from a guard after you escape the initial lab, and you can open a room that holds this fancy egg inside a crate. 

Imperial Filigree Egg

Mission: Carpathian Mountains

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