Five ways the PC port improves upon the console version (and one way it doesn't)

Why Horizon Zero Dawn plays best on PC

Years after it first hit PS4, Guerrilla Games' sci-fi sandbox finally arrives on a rig near you. Here are five reasons why Horizon is best played on PC (and one reason the port isn't quite all that it could be)...

Whether cutting across valleys on a robotic mount, breezing through platforming sections, or performing brutal stealth takedowns, Horizon feels great at 60fps and above. You'll need a beefy PC to run the game at high framerates, though.

1.Play at high framerates

Guerrilla lets you tweak a number of graphics settings in Horizon. Pushing texture quality, ambient occlusion and anti-aliasing beyond the PS4 game is fairly easy on a mid-range PC.

2. Better graphics than PS4

Horizon's frantic robot battles are a little less stressful using a mouse and keyboard. Aiming with a cursor is smoother, which in turn makes it easier to plan a move or two ahead.

3.Combat works brilliantly with a mouse

Horizon's robot-bashing action plays out beautifully on 21:9 monitors. The extra screen real estate of ultrawide gives the game's expansive environments more room to breath.

4.Ultrawide support

While the PS4 game has a narrow field of view, the PC port broadens Aloy's... well, horizons. Playing the game at the 100 FOV setting allows you to view far more of this verdant world.

5. FOV settings let you see so much more

Horizon is an excellent game, but its launch on PC hasn't gone smoothly. Many players have reported crashes and poor peformance, with Guerrilla promising to investigate these issues.

6. BUT... the PC port currently has problems

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