Become a virtual martial arts master with our ass-kicking guide.

How to beat Sifu: 6 essential tips

1. Master Sifu's default special attacks

Don't neglect Sifu's default specials. Both the Sweeping Kick (down, up, heavy attack) and the Palm Strike (down, up, light attack) will save your ass if you get surrounded.

2. Don't be afraid to fight dirty

 If you hit an enemy who isn't expecting an attack, you can instantly perform a finishing move on them. Have a bit of stealth with your kung fu, why not?

3. Don't hoard XP!

Skills unlocked with XP aren't preserved between runs, but any progress you make towards permanently unlocking a skill is. If you're not going to use your XP for a shrine bonus, put it toward permanently unlocking a skill you like.

4. Keep going forward

Sifu's earlier levels aren't necessarily harder than the later ones. Sometimes its best to press forward rather than obsess over mastering a single stage. Such is the game's structure, you'll replay them all  regardless.

5. You can cheese the Charged Backfist

Use the Charged Backfist while wielding a bladed weapon, then fully charge it, and you'll run the blade through your foe's gut, sacrificing the weapon for an instant kill.

6. But you can't cheese Sifu's bosses

There's no trick to beating bosses—you just have to master avoiding their attacks with dashes and blocks. Be patient, get in the odd parry, and you'll eventually come out the winner.

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