The new PC games we'll be playing as the year winds down.

The major PC games still due in 2022

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide

You can play the Vermintide studio's new Left 4 Dead-ish co-op shooter early if you preorder, but the beta isn't the full game. What we have played has been a lot of fun, though.

Release date: September 13

Marvel's Midnights Suns

We hope someone who's read nothing about the XCOM developer's new Marvel game plays it, just so we can read their reaction. Marvel's turned-based tactics game could truly be heroic. 

Release date: August 12

The Callisto Protocol

This distinctly Dead Space-looking horror game is shaping up to be more exciting than the actual Dead Space remake that's due out next year.

Release date: December 2


A space station colony builder that kicks off with the moon being blown up. Could be a good one to get wrapped up in over the holidays.

Release date: December 7

High on Life

The guns talk, and they sound like Rick and Morty characters, thanks to Justin Roiland's involvement. Will yapping guns be funny? Maybe. And the shooting actually looks decent.

Release date: December 13

Choo-Choo Charles

This train engine is here to choo-choo and chase you around with his horrible spider legs and sharp-toothed grin, and he's all out of choo. A potentially terrifying horror game.

Release date: December 9

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