Come at WoW, you best not miss.

10 MMOs that lived and died since World of Warcraft launched

A fairly popular MMORPG in which players assumed the role of a superhero and chose their own powers, combating gangs across Paragon City. All servers shut in late 2012, though a secret fan server has kept things going ever since. 

City of Heroes

Release date: April 28, 2004
Died: November 2012

The popularity of New Horizon's cartoon MMO for kids sadly wasn't saved by its minigames or igloo-tweaking options. Services shut down in early 2017, though the game lives on via private servers. 

Club Penguin

Release date: October 2005
Died: March 2017

Monolith Productions had the uneasy task of turning a monolith movie into an MMO. It worked, but not well enough to keep players around. Unable to slow-mo dodge its fate, it was shut down in 2009.

The Matrix Online

Release date: March 2005
Died: August 2009

A bland successor to Phantasy Star Online, this dungeon crawler felt dated the moment it launched. Western servers closed in 2010, but Japanese servers clung to life for a couple more years.

Phantasy Star Universe

Release date: August 2006
Died: September 2012 (Japan)

Koei's Romance of the Three Kingdoms hack-and-slash went online, but otherwise, this looked a lot like classic Dynasty Warriors. It managed to stick around for four years in the West before English servers were closed. 

Dynasty Warriors Online

Release date: 2006 in Japan, 2010 in NA
Died: January 2014 (English servers only)

In an attempt to cash-in on the popularity of the movies, Disney Online meant for Pirates to coincide with the release of Dead Man's Chest, though it was delayed until 2007. Servers sank in 2013.

Pirates of the Caribbean Online

Release date: October 2007
Died: September 2013

This launched with a bang and offered awesome large scale PvP with its Realm vs. Realm battles, but it had trouble holding onto players once the initial hype died down. Low subscriber counts led to services being shut in 2013.

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning

Release date: September 2008
Died: 2013

An ambitious MMO that introduced RPG systems into a persistent shooter sounded like a winner, but financial troubles led developer Red 5 Studios to lay off 40 employees and eventually cease development on Firefall in 2017.


Release date: July 2014
Died: July 2017

Despite a catchy mix of fantasy and sci-fi and a largely positive reception, Wildstar couldn't keep enough players around to justify the ongoing costs. It was shut down shortly after developer Carbine Studios closed in September 2018.


Release date: June 2014
Died: November 2018

The follow-up to two of the most influential MMOs didn't even make it out of development. EverQuest Next was cancelled in March of 2016. Bummer.

EverQuest Next

Release date: N/A
Died: March 2016

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