The rest of 2022 is looking stacked.

The most exciting games of not-E3 coming out this year

Persona 5 Royal

A blend between a top-class JRPG and chilled out social sim, we're glad Persona is finally coming to a rig near you. It's a good time to be a weeb on PC. 

When's it out: October 21
Why we're excited about it: It's Persona on PC, baby! 

Serial Cleaners

We're digging the low-ish poly with grunge paint aesthetic of this upcoming stealth game. We also love the Disco Elysium-esque characters, and can't wait to pull off some mob murder cleanups. 

When's it out? September 22
Why we're excited about it: It promises slick stealth action.


Though more of a medieval setting, Witchfire looks to have the same kind of tactile gunplay and visual realism of Hunt Showdown. Throw in the Witcher-style abilities, and we're sold.

When's it out? Q4 2022
Why we're excited about it: Big Vermintide and Hunt: Showdown vibes.


Pentiment's manuscript art style, historical authenticity, and commitment to the branching dialogue and reactive worlds Obsidian excels at leaves this looking like a winner to us. 

When's it out? November
Why we're excited about it: An adventure game with Obsidian's famous writing.


When we see the cat in Stray terrorizing robots by simply existing, sneaking past drones and inspecting their shelves, our inner kitty lovers absolutely lose it. Stray looks so charming.

When's it out? July 19
Why we're excited about it: Getting up to stealth mischief as a cat.

Warhammer 40,000: Dartide

Darktide was one of the best games we played at not-E3 this year. We've had quite a few Left 4 Dead successors pop up over the last year, but we think this is going to be the new champ.

When's it out? September 13
Why we're excited about it: It's Vermintide evolved and we're here for it. 

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