These gaming mice bite.

The most offensive gaming mice, ranked

7. Redragon M602 RGB

There's simply no need for that much RGB. Do you want a mouse or do you want something you put on your lawn during the holiday season?

6. BENGOO Gaming Mouse

This is just too much. The art on display is bright enough to singe corneas. They should have dialled it back, slapped the silhouette of a dragon on there and called it a day. 

5. EVGA X15 MMO Gaming Mouse

The haphazard asymmetry at work on this thing is a crime to geometry as a concept. Rectangles didn't have to be this hard.

4. Finalmouse Starlight-12 Achilles

Gaming mice shouldn't be more porous than a kitchen sponge. We shouldn't have to put a content warning on a gaming mouse for trypophobia.

3. Alienware AW610M

This thing would make better use as a jetski than a mouse. The weirdly shaped side buttons and cutouts on the top make the mouse feel industrial, not sleek and subtle.

2. Corsair Ironclaw

The Jeep of gaming mice. It's built to look rugged and sustainable but it's an anomaly when it comes to actual quality. The mouse wheel is a bumpy, rubberized nightmare.

1. TSV X70/M70

This mouse shouldn't be touched by human hands. The unnecessary planes and recessed sides are there for no discernible reason, leading to a peripheral that is a next level eyesore.

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