Several big hitters are landing on a rig near you this October.

The PC games releasing in October


The latest entry in the football franchise seems to be getting the last-gen treatment on PC, but still includes new features for Career and other modes.

Release date: October 2


A retro-inspired high speed FPS, Exophobia oozes style and looks like a fun trip down memory lane. There's a demo on Steam if you're interested.

Release date: October 5

Far Cry 6

Ubisoft's ludicrous sandbox shooter series heads to a Cuba-inspired island. The plot revolves around your freedom fighter kicking off a revolution. 

Release date: October 7

The spiritual descendant of the Left 4 Dead bloodline is coming out of the production oven piping hot, and has a shot at being an excellent way to spend your fall with 3 friends.

Release date: October 12

Back 4 Blood

Battlefield 2042

New specialists, a 128 player cap, and the Battlefield Portal mode that lets you mix up equipment from previous entries should ensure this near future shooter offers a good time. 

Release date: October 22

Guardians of the Galaxy

A singleplayer, narrative-focused action-adventure game that might actually tickle some intergalactic funny bones.

Release date: October 26

Age of Empires 4

With 15 years since the last entry in the series, Relic is bringing it back with eight civilizations at launch and four full historical campaigns. No word on what the priest units will say.

Release date: October 28

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