The most exciting and significant games coming out this month.

The biggest new PC games releasing in September 2022

Release: September 19

Guybrush Threepwood returns alongside series creator Ron Gilbert for another voyage to Monkey Island, and they're bringing a new art style with them. Point & click piratical adventures never die.

Return to Monkey Island

Release: September 6

The Mouse subsumes all things in time—even Stardew-likes. Dreamlight Valley is a Disney take on the idyllic lifesim, where the neighbors in your own Magic Kingdom are classic Disney and Pixar characters.

Disney Dreamlight Valley

Release: September 1

This charming farming and town sim has big Pokemon vibes... minus the cruel critter entrapment and forced beast on beast battles. 


Release: September 22 (early access)

The sequel to 2017's colorful collect 'em all sanbox hits early access this month. It's almost obnoxiously adorable. 

Slime Rancher 2

Release: September 23

Shovel Knight goes roguelite in a sequel that sees the pixelated warrior slashing his way through ever-changing subterranean chasms.

Shovel Knight Dig

Release: September 30

EA's final football foray before mean old FIFA take the license away from the publisher. At least this final entry puts a renewed focus on the women's game.


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