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5 new Steam games you probably missed (August 1, 2022)

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Bear and Breakfast

Release:‌ July 28
Developer: Gummy Cat
Launch price:‌ $20 |‌ ‌£15.49

Here's a chill management game about running a bed and breakfast. Oh, and you're a bear. Aside from running a B&B there are quests to complete and a forest-centric mystery to solve.

Digimon Survive

Release:‌ July 29
Developer: HYDE, Inc.
Launch price:‌ $60 |‌ ‌£40

Unlike a lot of the recent Digimon JRPGs, this is a visual novel first and foremost, with a light sprinkling of tactical combat.

Sweet Transit

Release:‌ July 29
Developer: Ernestas Norvaišas
Launch price:‌ $19.79 |‌ ‌£15.74

In this choo-choo obsessed Early Access affair, trains are the only transport in the world, but don't mistake it for a clone of Transport Tycoon. It's more of a city builder, with a focus on expanding villages. 


Release:‌ July 29
Developer: Honeyslug, Richard Hogg
Launch price:‌ $10 |‌ ‌£8

A PlayStation exclusive since 2014, Hohokum surprise-launched on Steam last week. It's a colorful and meditative game about steering a kite-like object through bizarre worlds.


Release:‌ July 28
Developer: Perfoon
Launch price:‌ $16.14 |‌ ‌£12.31

Just launched into Early Access, this is a survival and trading sim about extracting precious resources from an endless, procedurally generated underground.

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