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5 new Steam games you probably missed (August 15, 2022)

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Release:‌ August 12
Developer: Fancy Games
Launch price:‌ $9 |‌ ‌£6.47

An Early Access affair, this looks like a fairly conventional survival horror. When played in co-op, you'll use proximity voice chat, which dovetails nicely with the labyrinthine level design.

Escape the Backrooms

Release:‌ August 12
Developer: Moonroof Studios
Launch price:‌ $9 |‌ ‌£6.47

Here's a whimsical farming game with glorious pixel art, which may put you in mind of Stardew Valley. This is a roguelite take though, so it may not be as relaxing.


The Mangotronics Employment 

Release:‌ August 14
Developer: Various
Launch price:‌ $8 |‌ ‌£5.75

A collection of games with a focus on employment. Each one is short and sweet, ranging from first-person physics puzzles based around production lines, to visual novels about dreaded job interviews.

Release:‌ August 9
Developer: Mercury Game Studio
Launch price:‌ $20 |‌ ‌£15.49

Another week, another tactical RPG. This one has all the elements you'd expect: fantasy pixel art, a gaggle of characters to recruit, and difficult decisions with every turn.

Tyrant's Blessing

Pud Pud in Weird World

Release:‌ August 10
Developer: Ocean Software
Launch price:‌ $1.79 |‌ ‌£1.52

This curious ZX Spectrum platformer has just hit Steam, and it's damned weird. You're a yellow ball with wings who must survive in a surreal world.

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