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5 new Steam games you probably missed (December 16, 2022)

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Sailing Era

Release:‌ January 12
Developer: GY Games
Launch price:‌ $22.49 |‌ ‌£18.89

Set on a "real-world scale map" with a dynamic weather system and 200 ports to explore, this is a whimsical yet richly featured sailing simulator.

A 16-bit pixel art sci-fi platformer that features eight stages of eye candy, some light customization options for the robo-protagonist, and probably a lot of frustrating deaths.

Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider

Release:‌ January 13
Developer: JoyMasher
Launch price:‌ $15.29 |‌ ‌£12.59

Life Gallery

Release:‌ January 13
Developer: 751 Games
Launch price:‌ $2.69 |‌ ‌£2.24

This is a surrealistic puzzle game with a truly bizarre approach to horror. Across 50 illustrations you'll slowly learn about a "broken household" and its seeming relationship with an evil cult.


Release:‌ January 13
Developer: Josyan
Launch price:‌ $10.19 |‌ ‌£8.49

Here's a dungeon crawler with a 1-bit, monochromatic pixel art veneer. Protagonist Kimuto, who appears to be a cat, has just started a new job and things predictably go sour very quickly. 

Isle of Pan

Release:‌ January 11
Developer: Dogū
Launch price:‌ $15 |‌ ‌£11.61

A first-person photography adventure that is compatible with VR. It's set on a remote Nordic island full of "pocket portals" that connect to bizarre alternate universes.

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