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5 new Steam games you probably missed October 17, 2022)

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Unusual Findings

Release:‌ October 7
Developer: Wales Interactive
Launch price:‌ $13.49 |‌ ‌£10.25

A point and click adventure set in the heady days of 8-bit videogames, VHS and futuristic neon. Yes, another one. But even if you're weary of nostalgia, this throwback has a lot of style.


Release:‌ October 14
Developer: Team Zutsuu
Launch price:‌ $18 | £13.94

A psychological horror game where you can't fight, but where the hero can inhabit the viewpoint of her foes. Such power gives hero Kaede the ability to stealth around Atama's creepy village unharmed.

Lost Eidolons

Release:‌ October 14
Developer: Ocean Drive Studio, Inc.
Launch price:‌ $25 | £30

This strategy RPG has you commanding soldiers, while also recruiting allies to strengthen your force. As you build up your camp, you can learn more about the people who have joined your crusade.


Release:‌ October 15
Developer: Glowfish Interactive
Launch price:‌ $18 |‌ ‌£13.49

Trifox is another homage to 1990s 3D platformers, though it shares an overhead perspective that positions it closer to modern games like Sackboy: A Big Adventure and Super Mario 3D World.

Stella Pastoris

Release:‌ October 15
Developer: Cryptomnesic Softworks
Launch price:‌ $8 |‌ ‌£5.79

Stella Pastoris is "a fusion of god game and shmup" which takes its cues from the old SNES game ActRaiser. Here, you'll be protecting a bunch of Malthusian monks on a marooned space station.

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