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5 new Steam games you probably missed October 23, 2022)

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Lucy Dreaming

Release:‌ October 18
Developer: Tall Story Games Ltd
Launch price:‌ $16.14 |‌ ‌£12.79

A point and click adventure described as "a splendidly British comedy". It follows Lucy as she explores the town of Figgington, chatting with its inhabitants and investigating its mysteries. 

Release:‌ October 14
Developer: Beautiful Glitch
Launch price:‌ $10.79 | £10.79

Monster Prom 3: Monster Roadtrip

Part thirsty dating sim, part co-op game about surviving a hectic road trip with up to three monstrous friends. 

Faith: The Unholy Trinity

Release:‌ October 22
Developer: Airdorf Games
Launch price:‌ $13.49 | £10.25

Faith is a creepy 8-bit style horror game that has spawned two chapters since 2017. Faith: The Unholy Trinity packages those with the final, third instalment, which is apparently "twice as long" as the second.

Fhtagn Simulator

Release:‌ October 21
Developer: 锁眼工作室
Launch price:‌ $7.19 |‌ ‌£5.21

Publisher INDIECN describes Fhtagn Simulator as a "Cthulhu roulette deckbuilder", but it's probably more useful to describe it as a Slay the Spire clone.

Robot Resistors

Release:‌ October 22
Developer: Crablacksmith Studios
Launch price:‌ $5 |‌ ‌£4

Robot Resistors is an Early Access affair, and between now and mid-2023 the game will receive new characters, weapons, new stages, upgrades, and lots more.

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