We've praised these hits enough.

PC Gamer roasts beloved games

The Witcher 3

Richard Stanton, Senior Editor: "The most overrated game of the last decade. CD Projekt Red cannot make a good combat system." 

Destiny 2

Alan Dexter, Senior Hardware Editor: "Imagine an MMO, but with guns, and grindier than life itself. No thanks."

Kentuky Route Zero

Robin Valentine, Print Editor: "'Americana' is just a fancy way of saying that Americans are so obsessed with their own country that they won't even stop going on about its endless boring stretches of nothing."


Tyler Wilde, Executive Editor: "I don't like the Indiana Jones theme; it's boring and outdated (gee whiz, is that lava?). Maybe that's just an excuse to avoid admitting that I don't actually enjoy Spelunky-like difficulty."

Red Dead Redemption 2

Lauren Aitken, Deputy Guides Editor: "How can a game have such brilliant storytelling, a beautifully crafted world and amazing voice acting, yet handle like absolute dogsh*t?" 

Portal 2

Tyler Colp, Associtate Editor: "The original Portal is great, but Portal 2 felt like it was trying to hit a word count for a college essay, repeating and double-spacing every point the first game already made."


Jody Macgregor, Weekend Editor: "It's System Shock 2 For Dummies with bolted-on Big Moral Choices and a bad twist. I spent every other minute trying to deviate from the linear path."

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