No arguing allowed; these games rule.

PC games that everyone has to love


You can't hate Minecraft. You place blocks made of dirt and rock and you make castles or computers with them, and you can do it all with friends. 


Doom is so synonymous with PC gaming that anything that remotely functions like one is forced to run it. Doom captures the soul of videogames in a way few other PC games do.

Diablo 2

The upcoming Diablo 4 is centered around a desire to go back to the look and feel of its predecessor. The newest game in the action RPG franchise is taking notes from a game that came out 23 years ago.

Grim Fandango

This point-and-click adventure game almost doesn't feel like one with its stylistic devotion to film greats like The Maltese Falcon and Casablanca. Few games are as eminently creative.

Half-Life 2

HL2 transformed everyone's conception of what a singleplayer shooter could be. Even now, it still breaks conventions in modern games and lets you squirm your way through its puzzle-like levels. 

Deus Ex

Modern immersive sims like Deathloop still live in Deus Ex's shadow. Ion Storm's cyberpunk game dug into what it meant to have a substantial amount of freedom in how you tackle tasks.

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