The biggest new PC games releasing in January 2023

Here's what we'll be playing in the first month of 2023.
Release: January 12

An RPG based on the decades-long manga and anime series your nephew or niece probably tried to get away with watching on their phone on Christmas Eve years ago. 

One Piece Odyssey

Release: January 24

For it has been spoken, it will be spaken again: this RPG about a New Yorker who's transported to "the cruel land of Athia" will release before the end of the month.


Release: January 27

The classic 2008 survival horror game starring reanimated corpses and a limb-removing plasma cutter has been remade with dynamic lighting, and a load-free world.

Dead Space

Release: January 27

An "ink-based" strategy game which pits the margin doodles of medieval scribes against each other—things like "sword-wielding rabbits."


Release: January 31

Take control of heavy freight loads and suburban trains in this wonderfully nerdy sim. We're all for a verion of Trainspotting that doesn't involve sticking your head down a toliet.

SimRail: The Railway Simulator

Release: January 31

It may be largely a smartphone-focused game, but it's still coming out on Steam. This auto battler takes place in Games Workshop’s amazing Age of Sigmar universe.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soul Arena

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