Will NFTs still be a big deal by December? Is Bloodborne finally coming to PC? We're pondering our orbs.

Our boldest predictions for PC gaming in 2022

Prediction 1: We're finally getting Bloodborne on PC

This is the year we're going to get Bloodborne, FromSoftware's bloodiest action game, on PC. Or at least an announcement. 

Prediction 2: GTA 6 will be announced for 2023

Not only will Rockstar announce a 2023 release date for GTA 6 this year, but the studio's latest open world will launch on PC at the same time as consoles this time out.

Prediction 3: The NFT hype will be over by December

Valve doesn't currently allow Steam games to include functionality for exchanging NFTs, so we predict the value of ape drawings will have corrected itself by Dec 2022. 

Prediction 4: Another Nintendo genre will boom on PC

There have been several genres usually relegated to Nintendo systems that have made waves on PC recently. Maybe 2022 is the year we finally see a breakout Smash Bros-alike storm Steam. 

Prediction 5: Starfield and the next Mass Efffect won't be what people expect

Bucking the trend of most big Bethesda games, Starfield will launch almost bug-free. Also, we predict the next Mass Effect will meld the classic trilogy with DNA from the maligned Andromeda. 

Prediction 6: Your Steam Decks will be gathering dust this time next year

For all its potential, we predict most PC gamers end up using the Deck to stream games via Remote Play, meaning it's going to be a secondary device that won't make a huge impact. 

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