The PC Mario game that time forgot

How PC gamers got the worst of Nintendo's iconic plumber.

By: Adam Brough

By: Samuel Roberts

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It's true. There's a Mario game on PC, but you probably don't remember it for good reason...

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Mario Is Missing is a 1992 educational game that sees Luigi trying to free Mario by retrieving real-world artifacts stolen by the koopas. To do this, he has to warp to actual cities and track the koopas down.

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Luigi wanders a city hunting koopas down. When you find one walking across the screen, you click on them to make them drop a bag of cultural artifacts that need to be returned to landmarks throughout the city.

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In Nairobi, for example, Luigi chases koopas who've stolen a baby elephant, a human skull (!) and a menu from the Kenyatta International Conference Center. 

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None of the classic platformers made it to PC in an official capacity, so during the ‘90s, PC gamers' impression of Mario’s universe was shaped by this weird spinoff in which Bowser’s Castle was located in Antarctica.

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The 'education' delivered via tourist information huts, where you learn about the artifacts you're tasked to recover. It's important to memorize this info, because you get quizzed on it after returning items.

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Never mind Luigi hunting ghosts or driving a car—he once wandered around Buenos Aires asking citizens where the nearest koopa was so he could retrieve a flute and restore its cultural heritage.

And they say 2013 was the Year of Luigi. Mario is Missing proves it was 1992 all along.

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