Get through the survival horror in (just about) one piece with these useful hints.

6 must-know Resident Evil Village tips

Popping lycans in the head is the goal, but they won't line up and wait for death. Briefly incapacitate foes by shooting them in the leg or by blasting their arm to make them drop any weapons. 

1. Enemies react based on where you shoot them

Standard difficulty is tense but breezy. If you're a grizzled RE fan, choose Hardcore for a challenging experience that ups the scares by dropping the amount of ammo.

2. For classic RE survival scares, play on Hardcore

In some areas you can spot enemies waiting in ambush, Dark Souls-style. Get the jump on them with Ethan's rifle.

3. Look ahead

Each new set of guns in Village is more powerful than the last. If you want the best killing tools, sell your old weapons when you see The Duke selling new ones. 

4. Sell your old weapons for newer, better ones

Scan every location for stuff you may have missed. There are extra puzzles, hidden treasues, and secrets to uncover... some of which will try to kill you. 

5. Revisit old areas and explore thoroughly

If you can break it or interact with it, chances are there's an achievement attached. Breaks all the windows in the castle, shoot five crows, and open all outhouses to make 'em ping. 

6. Break windows, shoot crows, and open outhouses!

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