The DualSense doesn't have official PC drivers, but you can still use it through Steam

How to use a PS5 controller on PC

The PS5's DualSense is one hell of a controller. Thanks to its advanced haptic motors and "adaptive" triggers, it feels like no pad we've ever used before. There's no telling whether PC games will take full advantage of these triggers in the future, but thanks to Steam, you can at least use the DualSense on PC right now with the following tips...

To connect your pad to your PC via USB, you'll need a USB-C to USB-A cable. While the PlayStation 5 comes with one packed in, the DualSense sold by itself doesn't. Bummer! Get your hands on a cable, plug it in, and you're on your way. 

Connect the DualSense via wired connection

For this you'll need a USB Bluetooth adapter. To get connected, open the Bluetooth & other devices menu. Now click "Add Bluetooth or other device". Once your PC starts searching, hold down the PlayStation logo and Share buttons on the controller until they begin rapidly flashing to finish pairing. 

Connect the DualSense via Bluetooth

First, make sure you're using the Steam beta client by going to Steam Menu>Settings>Account and click "Change" under "Beta Participation". Next, launch Steam's Big Picture Mode. The DualSense will now be recognized, and Steam will configure the keybinds to mimic an Xbox controller layout. 

Setting up the controller on Steam

In Big Picture Mode you can tweak joystick sensitivity, enable/disable rumble, and configure the color of the DualSense's LED strip. If you want to customize your controller's layout or gyro controls, make sure "PlayStation Configuration Support" is checked. 

How to further tweak settings in Steam

Steam has an "Add to library" feature for Windows executables that allows you to add other programs to your Steam library. Click the "Games" menu in Steam, then choose the "Add a Non-Steam game to my library...". This should let you add games and use the DualSense with Steam acting as the intermediary. 

How to use the DualSense with non-Steam games

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