Engrossing games that don't require ultra-sharp reflexes.

5 of the most relaxing games on Steam

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Stardew Valley

Spend your days clearing out rocks and designing your ideal farm, and your evenings hanging out with new friends. One of our all-time favorites, and it just keeps getting better.

Kentucky Route Zero

Explore an ethereal highway in a brilliant adventure that was years in the making. Not relaxing, exactly, but slow-burning and moody.

A Short Hike

An ultra-charming game about exploring an island and making friends. Can be enjoyed in one nice sitting, if you like. (Cup of tea not required, but pleasant.)

What the Golf?

Find out what golf is (maybe) in one of our favorite comedy games. It's the one with tight trousers and absurdly tiny holes, right?

A short, dense underwater journey filled with intense wonder and inherent beauty, and every inch of it is worth seeing. 


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