Beat every major boss in the latest RE with these tips. 

Resident Evil Village boss guide

Ethan's rifle and shotgun are his best friends against Lady D. When she chases you around the castle, use your shotty, and later, when she takes to the skies, pick her off with the scoped rifle. 

Main boss 1 – Lady Dimitrescu

Is this even a boss fight? The showdown with the dollmaker plays out as a creepy game of hide-and-seek. Find the Angie doll three times and the fight is over.

Main boss 2 – Donna Beneviento

This is basically Lady D in dragon mode, but with a more complicated arena. Aim for Moreau's head when he pops out of his mutated shell, and head for shelter whenever he starts raining down acid. 

Main boss 3 – Moreau

A simple fight, though this guy is a tank and the arena is tight. Keep moving, guard when he dives at you, and get shots away with your rifle when the lycan jumps on the central platform. 

Miniboss 1 – The big lycan bully

When Sturm comes at you, he'll tear down any walls he connects with, which can open up the room. Dodge his attacks, shoot the weak spot on his back when he's dazed, and you'll beat him without issue. 

Miniboss 2 – Sturm

Here's the secret to beating Heisenberg: shoot the glowing red spots and stay out of the way of his dash attacks. He's not a major challenge as long as you don't let up on the machine gun fire.

Main boss 4 – Heisenberg

This fight is much like the one against the beefy lycan, except you need to shoot this sucker in the back. Block the horizontal swipes, get around him, and lay into him with everything you've got.

Miniboss 3 – Urias Strajer

We hope you've been saving that magnum ammo—Miranda takes a lot of gunfire to kill. Hit her with your deadliest weapons and make sure to keep strafing when the screen goes black and white. 

Main boss 5 – Mother Miranda

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