Find and earn Lei in the smash hit survival horror. 

How to make money in Resident Evil Village

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Finding treasure is a great way to make money in Ethan Winters' horrifying adventure. You should aim to collect as much money—aka Lei—as you can, to spend in The Duke's Emporium. 

How to earn Lei in Resident Evil Village

It's worth holding onto combinable treasures that require two or more parts to squeeze the maximum value from them. You can make serious bank from the likes of a completed Wooden Goat or Dimitrescu's Necklace. 

Combine and sell treasures

One of the earliest and easiest ways to make money. You can earn a fair amount of cash by popping Lycan and other monster skulls. The amount of Lei varies per enemy, but every little helps. 

Kill enemies

Who doesn't love smashing stuff for free cash? Breaking ornate pots and slashing barrels and crates will reward Ethan with ammo, treasures, and occasionally, the odd bag of Lei. 

Break crates, pots, and glass cabinets

As a general rule, you should buy new guns when they pop up in The Duke's shop. To help fund these shooty purchases, sell your older, less powerful pistols and shotguns.

Sell old weapons

Keep your lockpicks and use them for their intended purpose: to open drawers that contain valuable goodies. Oh, and hold onto animal ingredients so The Duke can make you HP-boosting receipes. 

Don't sell your ingredients or lockpicks

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