Navigate the labyrinthine Casle Dimitrescu to find all four masks. 

Resident Evil Village mask locations

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With a lanky vamp lady chasing you around Castle Dimitrescu, tracking down Village's four puzzle-centric masks isn't easy. Finding them involves backtracking and mental mapping, so stay sharp...

How to find the masks in Resident Evil Village

To obtain the first mask you need to reach Lady D's chambers. Survive the clawed encounter—keep moving and don't forget to retrieve your severed hand—and the Mask of Sorrow will be yours. 

Mask of Sorrow

After completing the piano puzzle, use the Iron Insignia Key to access the Library. Once you defeat the second of Lady D's daughters you can take the mask from the statue in the next room. 

Mask of Joy

After the bell puzzle, go to the Attic, walk onto the balcony, and take on the winged enemies. Make your way over to the zipline to grab the Mask of Rage. 

Mask of Rage

You'll find the final mask in the Hall of Pleasure—use Dimitrescu's Key to reach it. Once you kill the last daughter, take the Mounted Skull from above the fireplace, examine it, then place the Animal Skull where the mask was to leave. 

Mask of Pleasure

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