Find out what to see, what do do, and how to do it, with our WoW Shadowlands guide.

6 essential WoW Shadowlands tips

Though you can get to level 60 doing relatively few side quests, we don't recommend skipping the non-campaign hubs. Not only do side quests offer rep with factions, they unlock world quests. Depending on your gear level, they can also offer key upgrades. 

1. Don't skip the side areas

Many key features don't unlock until you complete related quests. For most players, completing all quests in your Sanctum, Oribos or from Ven'ari in the Maw should take priority when you hit level 60. Completing these quests unlocks content you'll want to progess in. 

2. At level 60, focus on finishing endgame quests

Shadowlands' zones vary greatly in height. If you don't have the ability to throw yourself off tall places and live, invest in a pile of gliders so you can soar from one destination to the next. 

3. Stock up on Goblin Gliders

These are a revelation. Purchased from the vendor at the monthly Darkmoon Faire, they apply a weather effect that turns off all ambient natural lighting. The game's zones look amazing when Inky Black potions are in effect. 

4. Pick up some Inky Black potions

Take the time to relax and enjoy whatever activity you're doing. Make sure to do the weekly Callings quests, and run Torghast weekly to collect Soul Ash for your legendary items. 

5. Pick one thing, work on it, move on

Many classes feel very different to play at the start of an expansion than they do at the end. Visit your class' community Discord server to educate yourself on different abilites and specializations. 

6. Re-learn your class

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