Play golf in rocket cars, kill monsters to metal music, become a powerful lamb god, and more until June 20.

The best Steam Next Fest demos to play

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Turbo Golf Racing

Lamenting Rocket League no longer being on Steam? This could ease the pain. With up to 8 players, you race with turbo-charged cars down a long, winding course and try to score your ball in the hole waiting at the end. 

Metal: Hellsinger

A first-person head-bangin' rhythm shooter, so it's like Doom, but you're timing your shots to the thumping beat of the soundtrack. 

Roots of Pacha

Stardew Valley... but it's set in the stone age. With no nice modern shops, you'll have to forage to find new plants to farm, and fish for food as you run your little prehistoric community.

Midnight Fight Express

Fight your way across an entire city in a single night, engaging in melee brawls with gangsters, piloting boats and riding on top of speeding trains in this non-stop top-down beat-em-up. 

Cult of the Lamb

Take a bit of RimWorld, mash it up with The Binding of Isaac, then feed it to adorable yet violent woodland critters, and you'd get this adorable yet disturbing indie. 

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