Steam's diverse list of most-wanted is mostly an indicator of hobby health.

Steam wishlists: what they tell us about the state of PC gaming

As one of the most important pre-release metrics for PC games, Steam wishlists are a big deal. Looking at the platform's most wishlisted games reveals an ever-changing picture into what PC gamers are excited about. Here's what we see for the future of the industry as we look into the purchasing intentions of PC gamers...

Cyberpunk 2077, the previous king of Mt. Wishlist through 2020, was supplanted by Dying Light 2 just days after it released. The zombie parkour RPG has sat atop the throne ever since. Can it avoid the launch issues that hurt Cyberpunk so badly? 

1. Dying Light 2: Will this be Cyberpunk 2077 déjà vu?

About 30 of the top 100 wishlisted games are from big studios, whereas the rest come from smaller teams. Party Animals and Hollow Knight: Silksong both make the top ten, and it's heartening to see so much demand for indie games. 

2. There's good parity between big and small games

New World, Amazon's new MMO, sits second on Steam's top wishlists.  With World of Warcraft in a state of friction with its communities, in part due to storytelling complaints, there's clearly an appetite for the next big MMO.

3. WoW players ache for the next great MMO

The Walking Dead may be past its prime, but going by Steam's wishlist rankings, zombies are still popular with PC players. Dying Light 2, Back 4 Blood, and The Day Before all take top ten slots. 

4. Dead people: alive and thriving

Despite being one of 2021's most exciting games, Deathloop is only sitting at #38 on Steam's top wishlists. What would it take for Arkane's games to reach the huge appeal of an Assassin's Creed?

5. Deathloop: less thriving than we'd like

The notion that Steam has been overwhelmed or materially changed by adult content doesn't bear out on the wishlist rankings. Of the top 100, the only adult game is Succubus, which sits at #44.

6. Steam isn't dominated by steamy sex games

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